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Why should we put an emphasis on great web design?  Well, people put up websites for different reasons; some people setup websites for themselves and their passions in life while other people and organizations set up business websites to sell products and services.  But whether done for personal or business reasons, all websites are created to attract attention – which is why website design is so important.   The types of web design Toronto firms produce are crafted to attract attention.


Most designers have an idea of what make pages attractive but everything still begins with an interview of the owner. The web design Toronto companies strive for reflect the owner and his needs.  Often the interview is followed by research and follow-up discussions to ensure that the client gets what he wants and needs.  Toronto website design companies, some of which are affiliated with groups such as the Canada’s IT Professionals Association, use various tricks of the trade craft to create attention-catching webs which project the general feeling and create the impressions the client wants to make.  Some of these are:


  1. Using a clean simplistic design:  By putting forward a minimalist look, web design companies in Toronto draws the attention of the visitor to the web content.  The lack of clutter helps to highlight the point he owner would like to make; to showcase personal craft, or to sell products and services.
  2. Utilizing the look the company is known for:  Almost all big companies use logos they have come to be identified with. But more than the logos there are unique font types, font sizes, and general look that a company is known for – that have become part of their ‘brand’. This is especially true of the two most popular brands of soft drinks.  Web design companies in Toronto or elsewhere cannot afford to use a different look or type face for fear of misleading their client-company’s loyal customers.
  3. Designing for Mobile Screens:  The number of mobile devices has outstripped the human population – a fact that designers cannot afford to ignore. Website design companies in Toronto have responded by using large images which look well in full desktop/laptop screens; these large images are designed to look as good when “cropped” to fit the smaller screens of mobile devices.
  4. Make Navigation Easy:  Many Toronto web designers are meticulous about keeping navigation as simple as possible.  They use hover effects, scroll page sections, linked images and sliders to help visitors instinctively know where they are and how to get to where they want to go.
  5. Using Videos and Image Galleries:  Majority of web visitors like to browse through image galleries and view videos; so why not give them what they want? Photos and videos provide effective ways of engaging clients, so include as much of them as practical – after all, the goal is to get noticed!


An attractive web design is actually only the first step towards creating a great website; getting the web to function, usually handled by web developers, is the other primary element.  Both are equally important to a great website, but it takes an eye-catching web design to convert a casual browser to a web visitor.

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